Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tales from Puppet Cove: Chapter 1

Blooey and Looey were having fun playing, like they did every day. They always had fun in Puppet Cove. Blooey and Looey were twins, but Blooey was a "leftie" and Looey was a "rightie". All of the Puppety Wuppeties were twins. Blooey and Looey's best friends were Shimmer and Glimmer. Shimmer and Glimmer were both green and gold, but Blooey and Looey were, you guessed it, blue! They loved being blue.

When they were playing, they heard an announcement. The Puppety Wuppeties heard announcements sometimes, and they were very exciting. "Attention! All Puppety Wuppeties in Puppet Cove!"

Everyone stopped what they were doing and listened to the announcement. "There has been an adoption! A pair of Puppety Wuppeties has been adopted!"

Wow! This was what all the Puppety Wuppeties waited for every day. It was the best thing in the world. Getting adopted meant that some lucky pair of twins would get a new kid to play with and to keep warm.

The announcement continued, "Today, the pair of Puppety Wuppeties that has been adopted is... Blooey and Looey! Congratulations!"

It was Blooey and Looey! Hurray! They were so happy. Blooey and Looey dropped the ball they were playing with and ran off to get their things. They couldn't wait to meet their new owner. They would keep his or her hands warm all winter and they could all play together!

It was the best day of their lives!!!

Adopt your own Puppety Wuppeties here.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Featured Item in the Etsy Treasury

For the time being, and hopefully longer, my "Bows for Baldies" hat is the top featured item in the Etsy Custom Creations Treasury. (Ok, officially it's the "You Pick Colors Customized Handknit Baby or Toddler Hat With Girly Handknit Bow", but I like "Bows for Baldies"!)

What does this mean? Well it means that... There I am! Right there, top left, best position on the page! Yay me!

It's pretty cool, I think. The woman who runs this treasury has tons of awesome creations to pick from to list in her treasury, and she picked mine as the featured item to show off.

Maybe one of you wonderful readers will agree with the treasury's editor and purchase one of these hats to adorn the head of some deserving youngster...

Monday, March 16, 2009

BLOG DUH MOMENT -- Really Long Duh Moment

I've been doing some research on getting noticed. In order to get more traffic to my site, people have recommended starting a BLOG. This past weekend my husband helped me set one up.

Last night, I was in a forum where the topic was "Follow". If you follow me, then I will follow you. I thought, "Great, how hard could this be?" I joined the forum, and I was very sleepy and couldn't keep my eyes open, so I left it explaining that I would hopefully get some followers today.

Husband is at work, children are in school. It's quiet, and I saw that I got my first follower. That made my morning. Thank you. So I figured I would just click on a pic and follow. Boy was I mistaken. I've never felt dumber in my life. It got even worse when I finally got a window to pop up and it said follow but it was showing Pie Fairy Princess. Huh? Ok, so maybe it's not going to go to follow me, maybe this is just how it shows up. CLICK! OH NO!!! Pie Fairy Princess now has 2 followers, can you guess who number 2 is? That's right, it's my lucky day. I am freaking out because now I look like a complete idiot. It's official, I am really following myself. Now, how do I go about quickly deleting me following myself? Finally, I found a "delete follower" button, and I was hoping it wasn't going to delete my entire BLOG which my husband had spent time setting up for me. Whooo, big, huge sigh of relief. I am back to one follower, and I no longer follow myself!!!

As you can see, I still haven't figured out how to follow others. Maybe I should just stick to the knitting. I can't believe that I was just sitting staring at the computer and had this horrible feeling of being locked in this screen without the proper buttons to click on. All you professional bloggers out there, have you ever had this experience or any idiotic experience navigating your BLOG? Tell me your Blogging duh moment.

Anyway, never mind about all that. I sell handknits. Buy some already, will ya?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bows For Baldies

Spring is here! Spring is here! It's the best time of the year!!

Ok so every time I think of spring, I can't help thinking of this little song from Little Bill from many years ago. But enough about that. Babies love to go for a stroll in their strollers in the beautiful weather. But as sunny as it is, there is still a little chill in the air. And what a better way protect their cute little bald heads than with one of my handknit original girly bow hats?

When you're taking your baby out, maybe, just maybe when the old man sees your baby in her stroller, he'll know she's a girl, because he'll see the big bow on the hat. No guarantees here though! I can only guarantee that she'll look absolutely darling in it. One hundred percent adorable cuteness.

So check out the hat and customize one for your baby, a matching one for your toddler, and all of their friends, and become part of the Bows for Baldies club!

See more about the Baby or Toddler Hat with Girly Handknit Bow here.

My Puppety Wuppeties

These are one of my most popular items, my own design: The Puppety Wuppeties! They are both mittens and puppets!

They can be worn 2 different ways. One as regular mittens with the thumb in the thumb position or two by putting your hand straight in with your fingers on top for the top of the mouth and your thumb on the bottom for the bottom of the mouth. This would be puppet mode.

They love going for long walks or waiting with you at the bus stop for the schoolbus and of course riding the schoolbus and meeting all of your friends and making new friends. Show and Tell is one of their favorite things to do. Great gifts for shy children and children with vivid imaginations.

An original design by Pie Fairy Princess. They are fun and functional. Beautifully handknit with yarn that's soft and feels great against childrens hands. Real mittens that will keep their hands warm and also provide them with some entertainment (No batteries required!). Great for children who refuse to wear their mittens. Now your children's hands will be warm and they will just think that you let them wear their new toy puppets outside!

I have had such a fun time creating these Puppety Wuppeties and I hope that you will have as much fun wearing and playing with them!

You can order Puppety Wuppeties from Etsy here!

Welcome to Pie Fairy Princess!

Hello and welcome to my blog. I am Abigail, the owner, proprietor, designer, and knitter for my own knitting business. I have two sites, my ready-made knits are sold on my Etsy shop at, and my made-to-order site is

I will be using this blog to talk about my products, my business, and other topics which will hopefully be of interest to people who like handknits or knitting.

Thanks for reading!