Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tales from Puppet Cove: Chapter 1

Blooey and Looey were having fun playing, like they did every day. They always had fun in Puppet Cove. Blooey and Looey were twins, but Blooey was a "leftie" and Looey was a "rightie". All of the Puppety Wuppeties were twins. Blooey and Looey's best friends were Shimmer and Glimmer. Shimmer and Glimmer were both green and gold, but Blooey and Looey were, you guessed it, blue! They loved being blue.

When they were playing, they heard an announcement. The Puppety Wuppeties heard announcements sometimes, and they were very exciting. "Attention! All Puppety Wuppeties in Puppet Cove!"

Everyone stopped what they were doing and listened to the announcement. "There has been an adoption! A pair of Puppety Wuppeties has been adopted!"

Wow! This was what all the Puppety Wuppeties waited for every day. It was the best thing in the world. Getting adopted meant that some lucky pair of twins would get a new kid to play with and to keep warm.

The announcement continued, "Today, the pair of Puppety Wuppeties that has been adopted is... Blooey and Looey! Congratulations!"

It was Blooey and Looey! Hurray! They were so happy. Blooey and Looey dropped the ball they were playing with and ran off to get their things. They couldn't wait to meet their new owner. They would keep his or her hands warm all winter and they could all play together!

It was the best day of their lives!!!

Adopt your own Puppety Wuppeties here.

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