Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Featured Item in the Etsy Treasury

For the time being, and hopefully longer, my "Bows for Baldies" hat is the top featured item in the Etsy Custom Creations Treasury. (Ok, officially it's the "You Pick Colors Customized Handknit Baby or Toddler Hat With Girly Handknit Bow", but I like "Bows for Baldies"!)

What does this mean? Well it means that... There I am! Right there, top left, best position on the page! Yay me!

It's pretty cool, I think. The woman who runs this treasury has tons of awesome creations to pick from to list in her treasury, and she picked mine as the featured item to show off.

Maybe one of you wonderful readers will agree with the treasury's editor and purchase one of these hats to adorn the head of some deserving youngster...

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