Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Puppety Wuppeties

These are one of my most popular items, my own design: The Puppety Wuppeties! They are both mittens and puppets!

They can be worn 2 different ways. One as regular mittens with the thumb in the thumb position or two by putting your hand straight in with your fingers on top for the top of the mouth and your thumb on the bottom for the bottom of the mouth. This would be puppet mode.

They love going for long walks or waiting with you at the bus stop for the schoolbus and of course riding the schoolbus and meeting all of your friends and making new friends. Show and Tell is one of their favorite things to do. Great gifts for shy children and children with vivid imaginations.

An original design by Pie Fairy Princess. They are fun and functional. Beautifully handknit with yarn that's soft and feels great against childrens hands. Real mittens that will keep their hands warm and also provide them with some entertainment (No batteries required!). Great for children who refuse to wear their mittens. Now your children's hands will be warm and they will just think that you let them wear their new toy puppets outside!

I have had such a fun time creating these Puppety Wuppeties and I hope that you will have as much fun wearing and playing with them!

You can order Puppety Wuppeties from Etsy here!


  1. I have been blog cruising and being an avid knitter myself I have to say those are CUTE! Best of luck in your business!